Well crap.

My 6 year old daughters had a check up today and Emma failed the eye exam.  Now, I’m not really surprised at this, since I’m half blind, the man of the house was until the lucky dog had lasik surgery and of course, Sam wears glasses.  We have all that lovely family history on my side of the family, too.  But, I’ve always hoped that they would managed to avoid the bad eye genes.  Apparently, we’re batting 2 out of 3 now.  So, they will be setting up an appointment for her with the ophthomologist sometime soon.

If she does need glasses, I’m going to be saying “Well, crap” again, because that will leave just one without them, and Emma and Ellie both have been begging for months to get glasses.  So, I’ll be listening to lots of complaining from Ellie over her lack of fashionable eyewear.

3 responses to “Well crap.

  1. Oh no! Did they give you any information on how bad her eyesight was, or by how much she failed the exam? That really sucks, I’m sorry. When you read tips about kids getting glasses they always focus on how to convince your kid to wear them, you never read tips on how to console your one child who doesn’t wear glasses!


  2. I have a friend whos much younger sibling purposfully failed a school testing eye exam because she wanted glasses so badly! When she had her appointment with the ophthomologist she was busted.

    Well it sucks for you but at least she’s excited about it!


  3. Ann, as a parent myself I feel for you in your troubles. We also have a friend whose 7 yr old has been diagnosed with hypermetrope -7- and will be operated on next year. Unfortunately it was ignored by doctors up until now. I’m afraid I don’t know much about this problem but hope that through this blog you will find the support you need. God bless you and your beautiful family.


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