Reader question: other issues beyond vision?

I have a couple of questions from readers today.  As always, if you have a question you’d like me to post to the blog, please just send me an email ( or leave a comment. -Ann Z

Dawn sent me a question wondering how many children with vision problems have other issues as well.  Her daughter Jillian has a benign heart murmur, and screened positive for Trisomy 13 before she was born, but they have since been told that she is “normal.”  I know that some medical issues are associated with a higher rate of vision problems: for instance, autism, down syndrome, and hearing loss.  Has anyone here had their children tested and/or diagnosed for other issues that might be related to their vision problems?

One response to “Reader question: other issues beyond vision?

  1. I think it is perhaps dependent on the type of vision probem as some may be indicative of underlying medical issues. As example, our son had a series of genetic and musculoskeletal tests and measurement very early after his visual disorder (dislocated lenses) was discovered as the dislocation is very often associated with underlying conditions, often more severe.

    Ectopia Lentis (dislocated lenses) is a connective tissue disorder where the zonules that hold the lenses in the capsule are lax, or broken. Marfans, Homocystineuria are the major disorders associated with disloc lenses, there are several others.

    We did undergo a series of genetic tests to rule out the above two, and others, as well as a fibrillin gene sequencing (the culprit in the lax zonules..), bone scan..etc. Not fun. In the end all were negative…or as our geneticist put it…’beyond the ability of science to explain at this time’.


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