Reader question – baby not keeping her glasses on anymore

This question came in from Nicole, whose 6 month old, Penny, wears glasses because of congentital cataracts.

I need a little bit of help. The last few days or so, I cannot get Penny to keep her glasses on. I can distract her for a few minutes, but as soon as I turn away, she pulls them off. If she tries to pull them off and I stop her, she tries to rub her eyes through the lenses. I’m getting very frustrated, and leave them off as a result. And I do see her weaker eye wandering because of leaving her glasses off.

With a very active 6-month-old, I just don’t know what to do. I’m going to call her PO tomorrow and see if they can squeak her in for a prescription check to see if it hasn’t shifted majorly again.

Anyone here had a young one who wore glasses just fine, only to all of a sudden start refusing to wear them?  Any advice for Nicole?

3 responses to “Reader question – baby not keeping her glasses on anymore

  1. Your thought that the prescription may have changed is a good one, and perhaps her vision is blurry now with glasses. My daughter’s PO always told us that she would keep her glasses on because she sees better with them on. My daughter has had her glasses since 7 months old.


  2. Her prescription changed drastically already since her first pair of glasses. And I didn’t realize it until after we found out, but the last couple of weeks before the new prescription were the same – couldn’t keep her glasses on. I called the PO and when I said I couldn’t keep her glasses on, the receptionist automatically said “so you’d like her prescription checked?” They’re squeezing me in tomorrow.

    I’m curious, did anyone with babies in glasses have any issues when they were teething? Penny doesn’t show any signs of teething except for spitting up every drop in her stomach. But she is teething right now, so MAYBE it’s related to her glasses?


  3. Just to update: We got Penny in to see the PO. Her prescription HAS changed again. He never even told me what it is now. But he said it’s not enough to warrant new glasses yet, and it’s not a big deal if she doesn’t wear her glasses all the time.

    I’m hoping that she astounds everyone and is out of glasses by the time she goes to school. Although I do realize that she may yo-yo back and forth until her eyes stop growing.


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