5 Fun Tracking Activities

With a special thanks to our OT Ms. Fuller for helping us “play” and strengthening our vision at the same time!  I think these are fun activities for all Pre-school – kindergarten kids, no-matter their vision!  Most can be adapted for different ages.  As always – I am just a parent sharing ideas; this is in no way medical advice!

  1. Flashlight Tag – In a dark room (we play in the evening) the child takes their flashlight for an eventful game of flashlight tag. The parent slowly moves their light along the wall in all sorts of directions and the child’s job is to catch their beam. This works best if you have 2 flashlights or laser pointers that make a very clear beam on the wall. 
  2.  Hit my ballon (or ball) on a string. – Tie the balloon on a 1-2 foot string and have your child watch the ball and “hit” it when it comes close to them.  We aim for making contact 10 times.   Today we played with a ball, but it moved too fast and Elly was not able to keep her eyes tracking on it and ended up just batting at it and getting lucky a few times.  A balloon would slow the game down. 
  3. Dancing Finger Puppets. – Hold the puppets in front of the child’s face and have them follow the dancing puppet as you move it slowly back and forth, up and down and in a circle.  Ask them to tell you the attributes of the puppet – what color is the face?  How many dots are on the tummy?  Ext. 
  4. Pop the bubble. –  Have your child put out their pointer finger and practice popping imaginary bubble gently with a slow tap.  The key is to make sure the kids are looking at the bubbles.  Then begin blowing bubbles and having your child slowly pop them.  If they are having trouble with their fingers, a paintbrush also works and they can “paint” the bubble to pop it.
  5.  Tricycle or Bike obstacle Course- Set up a few cones and place a card on top of the cone with a picture or letter on it.  Have your child “Drive” through the course avoiding the obstacles.  Encourage them to read and call out what is on each card as they go around it.

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