A friend in glasses

I know not everyone ends up with cute little neighbors in glasses (and patching) like we did, but I am thankful every day for their friendship.  Glasses are not an issue, just a part of who they are.  For the last year and a half, we have had many playdates  – most on bicycles or dancing (Zumbatomic).  We joke that between all 3 they can see perfectly!  Sometimes we even run into them at the PO’s office (always a fun surprise)  Surgery is a shared experience and the kids can relate to vision issues.  The best part though, is really for me, as a parent, having someone to talk to about glasses and vision.   If you don’t have a neighbor with a young kid in glasses, I strongly recommend reaching out to someone in your community.  Often PO’s have the names and numbers of parents who are also looking for other families to connect with.  The park or library is also a great way to meet other families!

Have you made friends with other families that have young children in glasses?  Where did you meet?  And how has this benefited your family?

One response to “A friend in glasses

  1. I wish Zoe had more friends with glasses. She mentions the fact that no one at her school wears glasses (well, her teacher does, but none of the kids). There are a couple of kids in her Sunday School in glasses, and her good friend’s older brother wears glasses, but for the most part she’s still the “one with glasses.”


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