on the durability of glasses

Samsmama’s post yesterday about Sam breaking his glasses got me to thinking about how long we can really expect frames for our kids to last.  I know I was surprised when we hit 6 months with Zoe’s frames, and no irreparable damage (though many, many trips to the store for minor repairs and adjustments). Zoe has had her share of face-plants with the glasses, along with tons of taking them off and bending them in all directions other than the ones they’re supposed to go in.  I realize going in to it, I assumed that we’d have to replace them in 6 months, but that wasn’t based on anything at all, except maybe my gut belief that toddlers and glasses are not particularly compatible.

So in the interest of science, I propose a completely non-scientific poll:

  • How long have your child’s frames lasted?
  • How old was your child when they got the frames?
  • Have you had to replace the frames?  If so, did your child do the unthinkable and actually outgrow the frames, or did something else happen to them?
  • What kind of frames?

You can vote more than once if you’ve been through multiple frames (or have multiple kids in glasses) or if you just want to skew the results.

9 responses to “on the durability of glasses

  1. I’ll start –
    – frames have lasted 8 months so far
    – Zoe was 14 months when she got them
    – not had to replace them yet (lots of lost screws, ear piece has fallen off once, nose piece has been replaced once) she might actually outgrow them
    – I cannot find a brand name anywhere on the frames. They’re metal. They were not cheap.



  2. Braden got his frames last September.
    He was 15 months
    No replacements yet (knock on wood)
    although we have had 3 different lenses put in
    They are Disney brand.

    : )


  3. The frames lasted just over 5 months.

    Sam was 2 yrs and 9 months old when he got them.

    We’ve replaced them once, because they were broken.

    I don’t know the brand name on Sam’s, either. They came from Target’s optical shop. They are metal with spring hinges.


  4. We’ve had three different types/sizes of frames so far due to outgrowing them. She’s had to wear glasses since she was just under 3 yrs old and she is almost 7 yrs old.
    So, in four years, going from memory here –
    First pair of frames was replaced 3x + one broken ear piece.
    Second pair of frames was replaced 2x, but the main pair broke again and neither the main nor the backup was under warranty anymore. So, really, we had three breakages.
    Third pair of frames has had to be replaced once so far (fairly new).

    The great thing about our local eye doctor is that the frames are under full warranty for two years and the lenses for one year (excessive scratches). We pay $5 each time they have to be replaced or a major part on them needs to be replaced.

    We only replace the frames from an “outgrowing” standpoint when they break and we have to get new ones anyway. We’ve had everything from a sibling breaking off the ear piece to slamming them in a door to stepping on them.


  5. -Reid’s glasses have lasted 5 months, so far.
    -He was 9 months old when he started wearing them.
    -We have not had to replace the frames yet. Reid likes to take them off and stretch the arms out as far as he can. They have lasted with out damage…yet.
    -They are Disney, Diego brand


  6. -Ellie’s first pair of glasses lasted for one year. However, we ordered two pairs of glasses exactly the same and rotated them back and forth. They were Nickelodeon Blue’s Clues brand. We replaced them because they just got too small on her head.
    -She is on her second pair of glasses, and she got them in January. Again, we bought two pairs and rotate them back and forth. They are Disney Princess, the Magic Mirror ones.
    – We have had to do only minor repairs on both of the frames since she has been wearing glasses. They aren’t under warranty because I order frames online at GoOptic.com and then the lenses we do through our optician. We live in a tropical climate and that apparently rusts the hinges faster? The optician recommends to put a little sewing machine oil in the hinge every now and then to help coat it and slow that process down. But we have had several arms break off of our frames because of this, the optician just orders new arms and replaces them. We have also had nose pads fall off, also an easy fix.
    The coating on her lenses has a warranty on it that lets us get new lenses for free if they get scratched- which they do since she is two, so every couple of months I swap out her lenses for new ones. This costs more initially when buying the lenses, but thus far has been worth every penny. We just started getting a new type of scratch resistant coating, I believe it is called Crizal???, and I love it…. it also makes any water that lands on her glasses bead up, which has actually been more helpful than I thought it would.
    -She was 13 months old when she started wearing them.

    That was probably more info than anyone needed, but sometimes I feel like I spend all my time dealing in glasses…. it feels good to have a spot to share!


  7. Nicholas, now 2 (started wearing at 6 mos)

    After 1.5 years we’re through I’d say his 3rd exchange of frames under warranty, and we’ve purchased 3 pairs. Replaced lenses due to losing one or scratches twice now, too..

    -has always worn metal frames, spring hinge, cable temples…Disney, same style throughout.

    -Have to shop around…we paid $260 once (complete with lenses)…now $180 after scouring the area..


  8. We’ve never had to replace the Miraflex frames after 11 months. We’ve never had to take the glasses or lenses in for service.

    Over the 11 months, we did have to change the lenses due to a change in prescription, but just chose the same Miraflex frames.

    Now, we have to replace the Miraflex frames with metal frames (I don’t know the brand – perhaps I will after I pick up the glasses) with the silicon bridge / nose pieces because the Miraflex frame doesn’t work well with her new prescription of bifocals. Glasses are too thick and stick to her eyes.

    We have not picked up the new frames yet. I will try to update after a few months on any stats for the new frames.


  9. We got the new frames. Metal frames with a child’s silicon bridge to hold up the glasses on the nose. They are made by Eschenbach. I think their kids’ brand is oio for kids. The glasses are a rose color/brown with green. They are made of some titanium and supposed to be pretty flexible and durable. We’ll see in a few months!


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