I ran across this post this weekend:

The frustrated princess, the gracious mother and the good eye doctor

and I had to share it with everyone.  The post is written from the perspective of someone who had glasses at a very young age, she talks about having cataract surgery at age three, and having to patch and wear glasses.  As a young child, she found it so terribly frustrating, and often took her frustration out on her glasses.  The part that got me was her gratitude at learning just how much of a difference it made to her vision that through all of it, her mother insisted that she wear the patch and glasses.  As she wrote: “Thank you for watching me suffer and never letting me see how much it hurt you, too.  Thank you for trying so hard to make it fun – with the doggie cloth eye patch, with the fun stickers, with the colorful glasses cords — even though it still wasn’t fun.  It really did make a difference.”

Her mom made her a special eye patch for her princess costume one Halloween (the picture is on her blog, here).  Did anyone incorporate patches or glasses into their kid’s costume this year (or in prior years)?  Back when Zoe first got her glasses, I thought she’d make a great Harry Potter as a young child, since her hair always stood up in crazy directions, but it had grown out by the time October rolled around this year.

One response to “encouragement

  1. we just got told last Friday we need to start patching my son Nathan’s left eye – to force the weaker right eye to work harder. We were told ‘several’ hours a day to start. I started patching him today, and it broke my heart. He was so good about it – but just silently cried and looked so sad. I found a place online to buy cool patches for him -that will slide over his glasses (he hates sticky stuff sticking to him) – I’m hoping they arrive soon.


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