Monday morning round-up (April 6, 2009)

  • Study on the prevalence of eye problems in young children – A recent study was just published in Ophthalmology this month, which is believed to be the first comprehensive eye disease study among urban pre-schoolers, “Prevalence of Refractive Error among Preschool Children in an Urban Population: The Baltimore Pediatric Eye Disease Study.”  (Abstract – which is pretty dense, Press release from Johns Hopkins where the study was done).  I had been looking for statistics on the number of young kids (under 5) with vision problems, and hadn’t found any definitive studies.  This study is pretty close to exactly what I was looking for.  According to the article on the Johns Hopkins site, 5% of the over 2000 children examined have significant refractive errors that require glasses, but only 1% were being treated.  I’ve ordered the full article to see if there’s more detail – I’d love a further break down by age.
  • Printable “Welcome to the eyeglasses club” certificates from the Backyardigans.  I think I may make some similar version of a certificate that Zoe can give to any friends that may someday need glasses.
  • Bennett’s got a confession – the title combined with the picture made me laugh.  And not to worry, Heidi said they were able to bend the frames back into shape (memory titanium frames from Zenni).
  • Children’s Eye Foundation Calendar Photo Contest – We have 13 photos from this community submitted, so we can definitely fill the calendar with our kids!  Vote early, vote often! Some of the pictures are doing pretty awesome, though there are still 3 pictures in the top 12 that have nothing to do with kids.  New goal: down with the flowers!  There are a few great pictures of kids in glasses that I love (and vote for) that I don’t know if they’re from this group.  If you’ve entered a picture and you’re not listed on my voting page, can you let me know?  I want to keep track and help you get more votes.
  • Question – related to the point above…Any interest in creating our own Little Four Eyes calendar?

6 responses to “Monday morning round-up (April 6, 2009)

  1. If there is interest in creating our own calendar, I am a graphic designer and wouldn’t mind helping out with it. Let me know Ann =)


  2. I would love to be part of the calendar! Can we submit a different picture for that or does it have to be the same one as the contest?
    Ingrid and Paris


  3. Any other interest? Of course, we have time since most calendars start either on Jan 1, or Sep 1 for school calendars (in the northern hemisphere, that is). I think to avoid any conflicts, it would probably be best to use a different photo than was submitted in the CEF contest.


  4. I’d be glad to join in as well 🙂 I can get a new picture of Aubrie. She has a very new look. Her and my best friends little girl cut their hair & Aubrie’s was soooo very bad that she now has a very very short perm! It’s actually very cute, but calls for a new photo of her 🙂


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