Open thread: Where are you all from?

Nicole asked on the little four eyes facebook group about where everyone is from, and I have to admit, now I’m curious, too. Leave a comment with where you’re from – at whatever level of detail you wish (yep, you can just say you’re from Earth, if that’s the case…).

23 responses to “Open thread: Where are you all from?

  1. I am originally from Massachusetts, most of my family live in or near Boston. About 6 years ago I moved to Rhode Island (the houses are much cheaper), I live in East Providence so I am pretty much on the MA/RI border. I have to admit, even though I am a true Bostonian (go Red Sox), I really love Rhode Island.


    • Mia goes to Boston Children’s hospital and her PO is Dr. Vanderveen and her optometrist is Dr. Miller. Dr. Vanderveen specializes in congenital cataracts and she also leads the IATS Clinical Study from Harvard University . Mia also sees her glaucoma specialist, Dr. Rhee from Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary. We have received all of her glasses and lenses from the optical shop located at Boston Children’s hospital.


  2. I’m in Calgary, Alberta up in Canada. I was curious about where people are from because if anyone is close to each other they can share info on POs or eyewear providers, since finding baby/infant glasses seems to be a little hard.


  3. We are in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on the east side of Atlanta. We are originally from Germany. I agree with themoneyfamily. I think we could start to create a list of POs and eyewear providers that we have dealt with as a resource to other parents. Surely, there are some people on this site that are close to each other. I know I have tried to find some children’s glasses stores here in Atlanta, and it just seems impossible to find any with a good selection.


  4. We’re in Minneapolis, we’ve lived here since ’98. I grew up in S. Dakota / Colorado / Indiana. Chris is originally from upstate NY.

    Nicole, you’re not the first person to ask for a place to share PO / eyewear provider recommendations. I think I’ll try to set up a page where people can list their recommendations.

    Amomofelly, I checked out that map – it’s pretty fun. I had been looking at trying too create on by hand with Google maps, but the one you posted is way easier!


  5. We are in New Jersey also, about 45 mins from the shore.

    Ryan goes for his 6 week follow up appt
    soon, I hope the PO can tell us something. I feel like his glasses were keeping his eyes straight at first but now the one seems to be turning in again.
    I also just had a baby girl last week, there is no history of strabismus in our family but does anyone think they will want to check my daughter now, too? I heard maybe at 6 months?


    • Congratulations on your new baby daughter Sara!!

      I remember when Zoe’s eyes started turning in again. It may just be a matter of his prescription changing. I know Zoe’s prescription did change at her first 6 week follow-up appointment because the glasses weren’t quite correcting the turn. Let us know how the follow up goes.

      I’ve read that the chances of a sibling having strabismus are 1 in 4, so it probably makes sense to take her in at some point. I would ask the PO what he or she recommends. Maybe keep an eye out (sorry for the bad pun) and take her in if you notice anything, but then schedule something for around 1 year just to be sure.


  6. We live in Spanish Fork, UT. I was born and raised in UT and have lived all over UT. I am in the military so I have also lived in placed all over the US and I even lived in Germany for two years.

    We currently take Reid to Advanced Family Eye Care, here in Spanish Fork. Dr. David Jones is our doc. He is the best, out of three, that we have been to. I recommend him to all of my friends and family, children and adults.


  7. We live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but have both spent a fair bit of time, living and studying in various parts of England. Originally, my family comes from China and my husband’s family is from India but we are both 3rd generation Malaysians. Our daughter Anya (3+) has intermittent exotropia and mild hyperopia. She’s correcting (started in mid Jan 09) by patching (alternate eyes every day) and wearing glasses. I think this is a fantastic website and it is full of useful information. It was especially helpful when Anya was first diagnosed.


  8. We live in Shelbyville, IL. It’s a tiny little town of 5,000 people in central IL. We have about a 45 minute drive to any type of larger town where we have access to eye doctors or eye glasses stores that carry childrens glasses. My husband and I both grew up here and we love our town. It’s small, but quaint 🙂


  9. hi all, well I am from a bit furhter afield – Australia – Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I am originally from Dublin in Ireland but moved to Australia with my family as a teenager. Sharon my daughter also has intermittent exotropia. How old is she and is she long or short sighted. My daughter has short sight in one eye and hence the intermittent exotropia. She wears glasses but no patching as yet. Would love to hear from you.


    • Ingrid – My daughter is 3.5 years old. She is mildly long-sighted in both eyes (which is unusual for exotropia – it’s normally shortsightedness). Patching has really helped (she has exotropia in both eyes) and the PO and orthoptist are happy with her progress.

      We’ve now transitioned to glasses and patching only from Mon-Fridays and glasses/patch-free on weekends for the next 2 months with instructions to observe her closely on weekends to see if the exotropia is apparent when she’s not wearing her glasses. Keeping our fingers crossed!


  10. Northeast Ohio, from a small, small town! We don’t have such a long drive to a store, not sure of the population, but I teach at a K-12 school with a total of 700 kids!


  11. Just north of Dallas, Texas. Bennett was born at 23 weeks gestation at Baylor University Medical Center and we’ve had the same eye doctor since the NICU. We’re switching to a new provider this month with an insurance change but the new doctor saw both of our older kids for some procedures so we know we like him as well.


  12. We live in Rockwall, TX. Sophie’s been going to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas for about 3 months now and are very grateful for the treatments she receives there.
    We’re also grateful for little four eyes, there’s some sort of comfort knowing that there’s other little ones out there with similar issues.
    Thank you Ann & All the other ladies for your great advise and may you ALL have happy mother’s day.


  13. My name is Anne and I live in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. Our son, Alex (8.5) has been wearing glasses since he was three for amblyopia & strabismus. He either patched or was on Atropine drops for five years and finally got rid of them for good in March! He had surgery last April.

    Our daughter, Sarah (4.5), is farsighted and has been wearing glasses since she was seven months old. (Diagnosed at 5 months, but didn’t get her glasses until she started crawling.) She had a three month patching stint when she was three. Otherwise, her eyes are usually fairly equal.

    Our youngest daughter, Olivia (2.5) was recently diagnosed as also being farsighted, but mildly (+2.75). She won’t get glasses at this age until her perscription is +4 or more. Olivia also has severe food allergies to peanuts, treenuts, eggs, soy, dairy, cinnamon & a variety of fruit.

    Our oldest son, Evan (10.5), has “better than perfect” vision and feels gypped that he does not get to wear glasses nor a patch! Can’t please everyone… 😉


  14. My name is Christy and I live in Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. My daughter Emma, who is 4 1/2, is farsighted and has been wearing glasses for about 3 months now. She also has strabismus (which is what really tipped us off that something was wrong….one eye turning in when she would look at things close up, such as when she ate) and was diagnosed with amblyopia in March. So we patch too!

    Thanks for this site – it has been such a great resource for me since Emma was diagnosed!


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