short summer thoughts

Zoe's new sunglasses

Zoe’s new sunglasses

Zoe’s prescription sunglasses arrived the other day (we got her PD measured at Costco optical, and ordered them from Zenni).  Just in time for cold, rainy weather.  Of course. They need to be adjusted a bit, but otherwise look like they’ll fit.  Zoe’s thrilled, and keeps asking if she can wear them, and then mentions that it’s a “little too dark.”  Heh.  That’s what happens when you wear glasses inside.  It’s always about the learning experiences at our house.

I realized the other day, that once summer finally arrives here, if she’s wearing sunglasses outside, people won’t realize that she wears glasses.  Maybe a little like going under cover.

~ ~ ~

Last summer, Zoe was wearing her wire-frame glasses.  I was amused by the tan line on her nose that developed.  But last year’s tan line has nothing on this year’s.  Her new frames are both thicker plastic, and that tan line on her nose is extremely noticeable when she has her glasses on.  Good thing she wears her glasses all the time.

~ ~ ~

Sunglasses, swimming, goggles, sunscreen, sweaty faces and noses, and all that goes along with it.  It’s summer time, here – or will be soon!  (Apologies to our readers in the southern hemisphere).  So what are you all doing this season?

4 responses to “short summer thoughts

  1. Zoe is too cute in her sunglasses! If you think the tan line is too noticeable on Zoe, I should show you the tan line, Elliana has from wearing the patch! 🙂 Now, that looks really funny. At least she wears the patch six hours a day, so there are only few hours left without the patch. We are soon headed to Florida to watch the Blue Angels fly! Yeah, for hot, humid weather, blue ocean, and beautiful white beaches.:-) It’s already in the mid 90s here and it is only June. Have a great summer!


  2. Thanks! They’re the standard Zenni grey, 80% tint. I have to admit, by the time we got to that part, I was getting overwhelmed by all of the choices we had.


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