Last day to vote in the Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest – updated

Update – the contest is now closed.  According to the website, results will be posted by July 10.  I wish I’d grabbed final numbers, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

It seemed like the photo contest would never end.  For months, people would ask me if the voting was over, and how Zoe and other Little Four Eyes kids were doing.  Well, voting is over at the end of the day today.  Currently, I can’t even get to the CEF website because the server is too busy.  Some of our photos are doing quite well in the contest, I’m hoping at least a couple will be in the top 12 – winning the submitter a digital camera.  As for the photos that will be in the calendar… Children’s Eye Foundation says they’ll choose the photos from the top vote getters, though I don’t know what the cut off will be.  If you manage to get in to vote, I hope you can vote for a few of our pictures (or all of them), so we can get as many as possible in the running to be in the calendar.

Click on over to the photo contest post to see all the pictures submitted and links to vote.

One response to “Last day to vote in the Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest – updated

  1. Bummer that more of our kids didn’t win. It is too bad that we were asked not to vote excessively and that we would be removed from the competition if we voted more than several times a day, yet the winning votes had hundreds of thousands votes. (415,45o)


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