Poll: how many pairs of glasses?

Quick poll:  How many prescription glasses does your child currently have?  You can include prescription sunglasses and goggles, if they have them.

3 responses to “Poll: how many pairs of glasses?

  1. We are going to pick up our 2nd (back-up) pair from JC Penny today. I wouldn’t advise anyone to get their first and primary pair from them as they were not very knowlagable and most of their glasses are “cute” and not the greatest choices for little kids. But, who can resist funky purple, plastic glasses. Maybe they will help on those “I hate my glasses” moments


  2. We have our every day glasses, backup purple glasses, and sunglasses. We also have her original purple glasses, but they are a bit too small now. Backups are definitely a must! We’re on our 3rd frames since July – have to love little brothers who think sissies glasses are fun!


  3. Bennett’s prescription was changing rapidly his first couple years so we kept all of those old glasses as back ups. We also have spare frames on hand (no lenses, from Zenni) for those inevitable breaks along with prescription sunglasses and random pairs we lost and later found. I should label all of them with what their prescription is so I can know which to use for back ups first. 🙂


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