you know you have a kid in glasses…

I did this a long time back, but thought it would be fun to add to the list.

So, you know you have a kid in glasses when…

  • your child owns at least one shirt with a character wearing glasses.
  • at least one of your child’s dolls, bears, or other stuffed animals has it’s own pair of glasses.
  • you’ve spent hours searching frantically in your house, garage, and yard for the glasses for that doll.
  • once you’ve found the glasses, you notice that they just keep sliding down the doll’s face and you consider taking the doll to the glasses shop to get them adjusted because it’s driving you crazy.
  • when a friend posts pictures of their children, the first thing you do is look closely at the child’s eyes to make sure they don’t have any signs of vision issues.
  • you have trouble picking your child out of a crowd if she’s taken her glasses off.

What else have you got?

9 responses to “you know you have a kid in glasses…

  1. Great post! Very funny and true. Hmm, those are the best… secondary would be:

    The most important liquid in your diaper bag is lens cleaner.
    Glasses cases seem to breed in your purse.
    You spend more time with an eye doctor than a pediatrician.
    You choose which photos of your child to frame based on how well their eyes are aligned.


  2. Just discovered another one today:

    You work out the date of photos based on which glasses your child is wearing. And your system is totally thrown off when one pair of glasses lasts more than a year.


  3. You know you have checked out the range of glasses at all the optometrists in the area, but you can’t help yourself but go in everytime you walk past and look at the range again.


  4. amomofelly–I do that too (more than I care to admit) and am relieved I’m not the only one who resorts to using their tongue!


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