Reader request: anyone dealing with a young child in glasses and hearing aids

I just saw a question posted on the Little Four Eyes facebook group.  Amy is hoping to connect with others who have a young child who wears both glasses and hearing aids, and wondering how to get her son to wear both.

Anyone out there dealing with the same thing?  Leave a comment here, or at the facebook group.

2 responses to “Reader request: anyone dealing with a young child in glasses and hearing aids

  1. My daughter doesn’t wear hearing aids, but got glasses the week she turned 2. I took a few days off work before a weekend and basically just sat with her on the couch and let her watch TV-which she didn’t get to do very often back then, but she had to wear her glasses or I would turn the TV off. But lots of snuggle and sitting my lap. I told her how cute she was and took tons of pictures. I also wore glasses. I had been wearing contacts, but I wear my glasses only now. She likes to be like mommy. Whe would sometimes take them off and refuse to wear them and I’d act like I couldn’t see her. “Where did Libby go? I can’t see her when she doesn’t wear her glasses! Oh there she is!”. It was hard b.c she had to wear a patch over one eye as well, so she hated that. But I just gave her tons of attention and let her sit in my lap while we did puzzles and watched tv etc. Her school was very good about helping as well. She is 3 1/2 now and it’s not a problem at all. The first 6 months were the hardest. But now it’s fine. Good luck to you!!


  2. Our little guy wears hearing aids, and just failed his preschool vision screen. We’re probably headed for glasses (ophtho appointment on April 8). I’ll have to find the facebook group – I just found this web page.


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