Poll: Who picks out the frames for your child’s glasses?

So I originally intended to give Zoe more freedom to choose her new glasses, but it ended up being much more of a collaborative decision (that sounds nice, doesn’t it?).  How about you?

2 responses to “Poll: Who picks out the frames for your child’s glasses?

  1. So far, I have been the one picking Paris’s frames but I think when it’s time for an update, probably next year, she will want to do the picking as she will be four. When we started this journey she was only one. I do have a question though. What do parents think are better, plastic or metal frames? I have ended up going with metal frames as I find they stay up better and don’t slip down the nose, however, I think the plastic ones look more comfortable. I also think perhaps the plastic ones might be lighter on little faces. At the moment the ones we have are a metal frame and the optometrist heats the temples and bends them quite a lot so they fit around her ears. I just hope they are comfortable as they sit quite tight on her face and kind of squash her eyelashes sometimes!! She has very long lashes though so apart from trimming them I don’t know how we would avoid this!! If I don’t bend the temples they fall down. Any advice? Thanks. Ingrid


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