Most beautiful eyes contest – help get some little four eyes into the finals

I mentioned a while back about the Prevent Blindness America “Most Beautiful Eyes” contest. The contest is in full swing now, and voting will continue until the end of the month.

The winner of the contest (chosen from a group of top vote-getters) will be the face of the Star Pupils program – a program designed to educate parents about the importance of vision health for their children.

I would LOVE to have a child in glasses represent that program.  One of the concerns I hear so often from parents who learn their child needs glasses, is that their child’s eyes will be obscured, that others won’t see their child’s beautiful eyes.  We know that’s not true – that our children’s eyes shine through their glasses.  What a great way to show that, and to alleviate some of those fears: to have a child in glasses or a child with vision issues as the face of Star Pupils.

As voting is winding down, we don’t have a lot of time, but I know this community reaches a lot of people.  Voting is easy, you don’t need register or log in anywhere, and you can vote for multiple entries (but only once a day for the same entry).  Please join me in voting for our Little Four Eyes children!

I know of 7 entries from the Little Four Eyes community – if there are any others, please let me know (email me the link: ann @  Click on the photo to get to the voting page.  Remember, you can vote for all of them, and you can vote everyday!  Please feel free to share with others, too!

Stella's Smiling Eyes - Stella wears glasses and does vision therapy for strabismus and amblyopia

Beautiful Eyes - Elly wears glasses for exotropia and amblyopia

Zoe's Eyes - she wears glasses for strabismus and farsightedness

Austin (had a congenital cataract in his right eye and has been patching)

Cutie Pie - she wears glasses for amblyopia

Smiling Eyes (after his surgery for infantile esotropia)

Eye scream for ice cream - Caitlyn wears glasses for vision correction and strabismus

6 responses to “Most beautiful eyes contest – help get some little four eyes into the finals

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  2. Thanks Ann! Stella patches, too. So she’s a triple threat: glasses, patching and vision therapy. We see both an ophthalmologist and developmental optometrist regularly. Huzzah! Good luck to all our little four eyes.


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