Patching activities and our patching gallery

First, a huge, huge thank you to everyone that entered the patching contest.  I loved reading all the entries, and seeing all the photos for the gallery (make sure to check out the gallery!).  I wanted to pull everything together and post a quick follow-up.

There was one request for links to where to buy the items that were offered in the give away:

Favorite patching activities:

having a patching buddy helps

having a patching buddy helps

My favorite thing about the giveaway was reading all the activities that kids do while patching.  I compiled them all in to a list for easy reference whenever you’re stuck and wondering what to do with your child during patch time.

Arts and crafts

  • finger painting
  • painting
  • coloring
  • play doh

Playing with toys

George Hundreds and thousands

playing “hundreds and thousands” – looking for sprinkles on the tablecloth

  • legos
  • blocks
  • stuffed animals
  • a light-up wand
  • action figures
  • playing with friends and sisters


  • doing puzzles
  • playing on the iPad
  • play with action figures
  • reading books
  • online games
  • “spotting hundreds and thousands” (trying to find colored sprinkles for cakes on a table cloth of the same color)
Jaymeson does karate

Jaymeson does karate

Other activities

  • watching favorite shows on tv or the iPad
  • everything
  • explore the outdoors and climbing
  • go about every day business
  • watch Andrea Bocelli concerts
  • sing

Other pieces of patching advice

don't forget to get outside

don’t forget to get outside

  • start first thing in the morning and make it part of your regular routine.  Then go about your regular day.
  • when you first put the patch on, count to 10 together while you press and hold to get the adhesive to warm up on his face.

Thanks again for all the great entries!  I’m so impressed by the

One response to “Patching activities and our patching gallery

  1. Hey Ann,

    I saw a blog talking about your kids optical shop right down the road from you and I was just wondering what the name of it was? I work at a large ophthalmic group practice with a pediatric specialist and we are always interested to hear what other practices use for childrens frames. If you could email us that would be wonderful. It is

    Thank you!



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