Ask Little Four Eyes: looking for others with a child with Brown syndrome

This community is amazing and has a wealth of experience between all of us.  So “Ask Little Four Eyes” is your chance to ask the full community.  If you have a children’s glasses or vision-related question, submit it here and I’ll post it to the blog as well as the facebook page and group.  I’ll collect the responses and update the post with those responses.  – Ann Z.

This is from Melanie:  My 2 year old son had been diagnosed with Brown Syndrome. I was wondering if you know anyone in the same boat/that has dealt with it before  you can put me in touch with?

There’s a post from 2009 asking the exact same thing, and there’s still an active comments section there from parents with children with Brown Syndrome.  I would love to hear from other parents, too, who are dealing with this!

6 responses to “Ask Little Four Eyes: looking for others with a child with Brown syndrome

  1. My 12 year old daughter has browns syndrome. She was diagnosed at around age 3 or a bit older. Up until now we didn’t know how much it affects her schooling. She has never completed assignments and was therefore diagnosed with ADD and subsequently medicated. But since none of the ADD treatments worked, and we recently met another person with a similar eye condition, we are recognizing that browns syndrome is the reason she isn’t doing any school work. This person we met told us that of course our daughter has a harder time at school, because from that person’s experience, eyes get tired quite quickly. I even forgot the name of my daughter’s syndrome because we never made an issue of it because no matter what I wrote on her school medical forms about her eyes, no one (teachers nor guidance) took us seriously. I described her condition and mentioned the lack of muscle, but since she mostly looks normal, no one cared. And her teachers therefore related her lack of concentration and focus on ADD- a known and manageable condition. So we moved on thinking all was normal especially if her behavior has a name ADD with medication. But at age 12, I know it is not normal. And her “lack of concentration and focus” never improved. I didn’t know this site existed and I didn’t know others also have this syndrome. I am wondering how others are coping. How can the teaching environment accommodate the children?


  2. Hi there. I have an 8 year old daughter with Brown’s syndrome. She is struggling with school work and isn’t enjoying it much. I would love to connect with any other parents who have similar experiences.


    • Have you contemplated/ done any surgery? they wanted to do surgery on our daughter when she was 2, and since she couldn’t really talk- we felt it was too soon.


  3. Hi, my name is aida yesterday my four year was diagnosed with browm eye syndrome. i am really confused teacher never complain about anything , he is learning to read …. no mayor problems should anyone went for a second opinion?


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