New links and website that’s gone

A couple of links to check out, and one website that no longer exists…

These links will both be added to our Gear page:

  • I just learned of the site Children Wearing Glasses a couple of weeks ago (it was posted on the facebook page, but I can’t find the post again, so I can’t give credit where it’s due – sorry!).  Then yesterday, the owner of the site contacted me and gave me a bit more information.  It is a Danish site, and she’s tried to collect a huge variety of items for kids in glasses – that includes toys, accessories, glasses cases and more.  There’s a lot of cute stuff there.  The prices include VAT, if you’re not in the EU, the Danish VAT will be deducted from the price.
  • I also learned of product called SPEC-WRAP which is a colorful and protective sleeve for the earpieces and temples of glasses.  It lets you change the color of the earpieces of the glasses on a temporary basis.  Due to small pieces, they are not recommended for children under five, however.

and this one will be taken off our resources page…

  • Babies with glasses ( appears to be gone.  This was the site that, had I known it existed back in March of 2008, I might not have started Little Four Eyes.  It had quite a few articles and a forum for support targeted at parents of babies in glasses, it also had some cute shirts for kids in glasses.  I am not sure when it went away, but I noticed the URL no longer worked last week.  This week I noticed that typing in the URL redirects you here to Little Four Eyes.  I am flattered that the webmaster did this – we’d never really interacted much, though I posted to the forum on occasion.  In any case, a big welcome to anyone who was going to babieswithglasses and finds themselves here!  I hope you’ll introduce yourself and stay for a while.

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