Survey about frames for parents in the UK

I just received this request from Arlene who is interested in finding ways to make a greater selection of frames available in the UK.  She would love to have any parents in the UK fill out the linked survey.  -Ann Z

I am a mummy of two great children one of whom needed glasses just before her 3rd birthday I was disappointed to discover the lack of choice and availability in Scotland and the UK. Every high street and local opticians have a small selection of children’s frames which are usually less than exciting. Detailed research has uncovered a huge choice of children’s frames spread all over the world, I would like to bring these together in an online shop featuring fun and funky eye wear to make wearing glasses exciting.  My dream is to one day have a high street opticians dedicated to the junior eyewear market. I am currently running a survey to test the market in the UK, I would be very grateful if would take the time to complete this short survey.  Many thanks Arlene Wilson (Rhys and Zoe’s Mummy)

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  1. We try to stock a good selection of different frames for different ages, and there really are like you say some fantastic kids frames out there. Our main problem is due to say for example a three year old being very prone to breaking their spectacles in a very short period of time we find that most parents are unwilling to pay even a small amout towards their childs spectacles. There are some fantastic childrens frames out there but I would also be interested in your responses. How willing would parents be to pay say £50 every time their child needed a replacement frame for an infant? However many parents may find that different opticians offer different frames, i wore spectacles from a very young age and can remember at how crest fallen I was at the choice of spectacles so I try and make sure we have a good selection in store and what we dont have in stock we have a large selection of catalogues – Also please be aware all children under 16 must be seen by a fully quilified sispencing optician at time of dispencing frames or time of collection as frames must fit correctly and be measured correctly. ( The reason actually why I joined this page was to hear parents view points and comments / tips towards children wearing spectacles )


    • Hi Amanda, many thanks for taking the time to get in touch I appreciate all feedback. Since February this year I have spent quite some time searching around the UK for nice frames. When I learned Zoë needed glasses it was quite a shock as her Daddy and I don’t wear glasses, I thought oh well not want I would have chosen lets make this positive and buy some lovely sparkly glasses. I was in for a shock every optician both large and small have a small selection of children’s frames which I found to be the best of a bad lot not quite what I had in mind. Since then I have visited most opticians in the West of Scotland noting down manufacturers and designers from free frames to the most expensive which can largely be sourced in Europe and America. I have a small local optician near by that have been very good, whilst they have been able to source Ray Bans there are several designers that they cant get such as Lafont and Juice Couture (Junior). My background is in research so I am happy to search and search although I appreciate this is not everyone’s ideal pass time. When I buy my frames online I simply take them to my local optician to have them looked at for fit and have the lenses fitted. If they don’t fit I can return to the online store, as there are no children’s online UK stores this can be quite a lengthy process hence my desire to create an exciting shopping experience for parents and children. Personally I have paid from £15 to £150 for frames and not noticed a huge difference in quality, for me it’s the fit that’s most important and secondly the look when finished. Zoë has a +5.25 prescription so I pay extra for 1.67 high index lenses. Like most parents I would do anything for my children so I am quite happy to pay some money for something that my little girl has to wear every day. We have fun choosing frames and looking after them together. Any other comments would be most welcome! Regards Arlene


  2. I am not living in the UK but I like to shere with you , a link to a very successful kids glasses shops network in Israel , called “OPTIKID” you may take some ideas how to open similar shops in the UK.

    They are very kids-friendly , and shop’s decoration is very comfortable for kids , they also help you with glasses party and many other ideas.

    Here is the link:

    Best Regards,



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