new favorite t-shirt

Had to share this t-shirt that we found online at Threadless.  It’s titled “I Love Fairy Tales” and I knew the first time I saw it that I’d have to get it for Zoe.  She loves frogs and yellow, so it was a no brainer, and now she asks to wear it almost every morning.


For a while now, I’ve had links on the Gear page to other sites that sell t-shirts that are specifically for kids in glasses or kids with patches, but I’ve  never felt compelled to get any for Zoe.  I think it’s the fact that this shirt wasn’t specifically intended for kids with glasses, it’s just a cute frog – that just ate a fairy – that just happens to be wearing glasses.

Do any of you have any apparel for your kids that feature glasses?

4 responses to “new favorite t-shirt

  1. That’s a great t-shirt! My wife and I check out this blog all the time. We have written a couple of times about our daughter Anna who is 2 and has glasses. When Anna was born, I found myself sketching little animal faces. My wife encouraged me to put the faces on t-shirts, so I came up with an Animal Alphabet line. When Anna got her glasses, I added a set of animals with glasses. You can check them out here: WeeOnez.
    I am an artist and love all sorts of illustration. Please keep posting any fun t-shirt designs featuring glasses. Anna enjoys looking at them, too.


    • Thanks Chris. I LOVE your WeeOnez animal faces with the glasses! I’d like to pull together more fun t-shirt designs that features a character that just happens to have glasses (as yours do).


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